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Rocky Linux 9 Available with VelociHOST Bare Metal Servers


VelociHOST is pleased to announce the general availability of Rocky Linux 9. This release is a downstream “bug-for-bug” compatible Enterprise Linux distribution built from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9. A new open-source build system dubbed Peridot was developed in this release. This new build system is designed to help teams customize Rocky Linux builds to fit their own unique use cases.

Rocky Linux 9 ships with the Linux 5.14 kernel, and should give you solid performance improvements. More notable changes contains GNOME 40 for the desktop environment, updated supported technology versions, including version control, database servers, languages, web servers, compiler toolsets, caching servers, system toolchains, performance tools, debugging tools, and monitoring tools.

Newer versions of Programming Languages

Rocky Linux 9 introduces new versions of popular dynamic programming languages, including Node.js 16, Perl 5.32, PHP 8.0, Python 3.9, and Ruby 3.0. These updated versions present several improvements, both in performance and language functionality.

System monitoring

This new release added performance improvements to The Cockpit web console with expanded performance metrics page that helps identify causes of high CPU, memory, disk, and network resource usage spikes.

Rocky Linux 9 supports a variety of updated performance and debugging tool versions, including Dyninst 11.0.0, Valgrind 3.18.1, GDB 10.2, SystemTap 4.6 and elfutils 0.186.


Rocky Linux 9 makes important security changes, adding support for OpenSSL 3.0.1, OpenSSH 8.7.01, and automatically configured compliance settings for PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and DISA.

Additionally, the OpenSSH default configuration disallows root user login with a password, thus preventing attackers from gaining access through brute-force password attacks. Instead of using the root password, users can access remote systems using SSH keys to log in.

File system

XFS now supports Direct Access (DAX) operations, allowing direct access to byte-addressable persistent memory, helping avoid the latency of using traditional block I/O conventions. NFS introduces the “eager write” mount option to help reduce latency.

Long Term Support

Rocky Linux 9 will be supported until May 31st, 2032, while Rocky Linux 8 continues to be supported until May 31st, 2029.

Rocky Linux 9 and VelociHOST

Rocky Linux 9 brings several significant improvements and supported technology versions that should help operators deploy with better performance for their Fedora-based distribution systems. Furthermore, the new build tool, Peridot, will help teams better create tailored Rocky Linux-based distributions according to their unique needs. And more importantly, the Rocky Linux foundation community has gone a long way to ensure the longevity of the project with long term support until May 31st, 2032.

Take advantage of the new and improved capabilities of Rocky Linux 9 by deploying it on a Bare Metal Server or GPU Dedicated Server from VelociHOST. The installation process is completely automatic. The bare metal console from VelociHOST provides users with direct access to all the administration tools needed to maintain and troubleshoot your Rocky Linux 9 dedicated server.

VelociHOST Bare Metal Console with Rocky Linux Availability

From our Client Area, you can reset, power off, perform a clean installation of Rocky Linux 9, and access your server via out of band shell with the included HTML5-based KVM console. No more local Java Web Start applications to deal with. Effective, simple bare metal server management from VelociHOST.

VelociHOST will continue to support the open-source community efforts and Rocky Linux is not the exception. We have setup a Rocky Linux mirror hosted in our Miami datacenter. Users can download the stable release of Rocky Linux 9 from the VelociHOST mirror today.

For further information to install Rocky Linux 9 on VelociHOST Bare Metal Servers, please contact us at [email protected] 

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