Miami, FL Datacenter


From Web Hosting to Enterprise Dedicated Servers. Cloud Hosting Services for every Project.


We are expanding our Datacenter locations! Where do you need to deploy your next hosting project? 
Dedicated or Virtual

Our Cloud Hosting Solutions are build to your specific needs. We can host your web apps on Dedicated Servers or Virtual Hosts.

Layered Redundancy

Diverse TIER-1 route-optimized premium network, dual power supplies, and RAID arrays on every Dedicated and VPS Server.

15 Minute Support

15 Minute Average Ticket Response Time. Help is only a ticket away or you can contact us via email or on our live chat.

Integral Cloud Hosting

Complex cloud environments can have multiple, different workloads. 

VelociHOST provides Dedicated Servers, Virtual Hosting and GPU Server as our Cloud Hosting Solutions from our Miami Florida Datacenter.

Our main goal is to supply reliable, enterprise-grade cloud hosting solutions supported by the latest generation of high-performance computing infrastructure to reliably host your most demanding web applications in the cloud.

Dedicated Servers

100% Dedicated resources provide all the computing power you demand for your processor-intensive and disk I/O-intensive workloads. These servers are entirely allocated to a single-tenant.

Virtual Servers

Our Virtual Private Servers have speed of deployment, flexible scalability, and pay-as-you-go billing.

World Class Network.

Tier-1 Internet Providers connect VelociHOST’s datacenter to the world. Our strategic location in Miami, Florida, allows our Cloud Hosting solutions to offer the best latency to Latin America, Western Europe and U.S. East Coast.

  • 1Gbps Network Ports

  • Private VLAN

  • Physical Firewall Availability

  • Load Balancing Capable

  • Redundant Fiber Network

  • Lowest Latency

  • Route-Optimized

  • Dual-Stack IPv4 and IPv6

Affordable Cloud Hosting Solutions

We take pride in delivering enterprise-grade Dedicated Servers, VPS Hosting and GPU Servers solutions with affordability as a key factor for growth from a world class datacenter in Miami, FL.

Our base plans, ready for deployment in minutes:

$ 5
VPS Hosting

Intel Xeon E5-Series 1 vCPU Processor 1 GB ECC RAM 50 GB SSD Storage 1 IPv4 Address Instant Deployment 1 TB Bandwidth 1 Gbps Port

$ 89
Dedicated Server

Intel Xeon E3-1230 v3 4 Cores / 8 Threads 16 GB ECC RAM 250 GB SSD Storage IPv4 + IPv6 enabled 4 hour deployment 5 TB Bandwidth 1 Gbps Port

$ 199
GPU Server

NVIDIA GTX 1060 Intel Xeon E5-2620 6 Cores / 12 Threads 32 GB ECC RAM 250 GB SSD Storage IPv4 + IPv6 enabled 15 TB Transfer 1 Gbps Port



Browse our plans and choose from one of our pre-built servers, or contact us to get a custom build that better suits your needs.



Virtual Private Servers are instantly provisioned. Dedicated Servers will be deployed within 2 - 4 hours. Get online fast!



Modify your web hosting services from our Client Area. Use our Control Panel or IPMI Consoles to manage your Virtual and Dedicated Servers.