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Reseller Program

Resell Bare Metal Dedicated Servers from a trusted IaaS provider.

Simple and Transparent Reseller Program

Our continuous evolution as a Bare Metal and GPU Cloud Servers providers has led VelociHOST to become the partner of choice for resellers and partners around the globe. We work closely with our partners and work hard to empower them to remain valuable to their customers in a highly competitive market.

Up to 30% Discount

Highly lucrative reseller program. Earn extra money by joining our Reseller Program and get up to a 30% discount for a vast selection of Bare Metal Dedicated Servers available. This enables your business to be highly competitive and rewarding.

Newest Technology

When you partner with VelociHOST to resell Dedicated Servers, you have direct access to a wide range of enterprise-grade Bare Metal Servers, including the latest generation of Intel CPUs, NVIDIA GPUs and NVMe drives that will meet the needs of your most demanding customers.

Exceptional Support 24/7

Your provider must be reliable. Our professional team will take care of all the technical matters involving your servers, including hardware replacement, network connectivity and power uptime. Also, our state-of-the-art data center will give you peace of mind to offer your customers hosting services with multiple redundancy layers.

Customized Options

Accomplish your client’s goals with a dedicated server reseller provider that fits your business’s needs. From single Mainstream Dedicated Servers to Multi-GPU Bare Metal Servers, we can customize your servers to suit your exact client’s needs. Ample, scalable, and flexible reseller solutions to help you grow your hosting business.

Deliver Reliable, Customized and High-Performance Reseller Bare Metal Servers with Industry Leading Features

Our Reseller Bare Metal Dedicated Server Solutions give you the tools you need to sell and reseller dedicated servers to customers around the world.

Ultrafast NVMe storage

Unmetered Bandwidth Available

Personalized 24x7 Support

Scalable Solutions

10Gbps Network Connections

99.9% Network Uptime SLA

The Latest Intel Xeon Processors

Premium Data Center

Reseller Volume Discounts

Grow your business within full selection of Bare Metal Dedicated Servers deployed from a premium data center and receive discounts each time you add more servers. Normally, these volume discounts are not typically able to be combined with other prepayment or promotional discounts.

Number of ServersServer Discount


Note: A minimum of $500.00 USD per month must be billed on the account for reseller discounts to be applicable on the 15% or more tiers.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re interested in selling dedicated servers or GPU bare metal servers to your customers, but do not want to have to incur in the expense, technical resources and time required to provide dedicated servers, you can resell servers from VelociHOST.

You can copy the server details of the server configurations we offer on our website and include those configurations as products/services on your website. Once a customer places an order with you, you can visit our website and place an order with us. We will send you the access credentials and all the hardware information when the server has been fully deployed.

This process usually takes 1 -4 hours. Then, you can provide that information to your customers.

Every reseller hosting server includes a 99.9% Network and Power Uptime Service Level Agreement. VelociHOST deploys enterprise-grade server hardware only. Additionally, our reseller program is backed by our premium data center with multiple layers of redundancy, including cooling, connectivity and up to 30 days autonomy of UPS and generator-backed power commercial electricity fails.

Yes, you can. If you use a web hosting billing software such as WHMCS, you can customize the appearance of the store and order form templates, including the ability to add your own logo. You, as a reseller would be responsible for setting up and managing your own website, billing, and customer support software. We will only provide the dedicated servers you use to either resell or deploy your own hosting solutions.

VelociHOST can install Linux and Windows Server operating systems. However, keep in mind that Windows Servers licenses incur in an additional monthly recurring charge. All fees and charges are clearly shown during the checkout process, depending on your choices.

Every dedicated server includes 1 public IPv4 IP address and 1 IPv6 address. You may apply to request additional IPv4 and IPv6 space to be considered by our team. Additional IPv4 space requires proper technical justification.

Yes, you can upgrade bare metal servers from our reseller program. All active Dedicated Servers can be upgraded with a different processor, increase RAM memory, add storage space and bandwidth.

Keep in mind, servers would have to be shut down momentarily while the upgrade process takes place. Contact us for a quote.

Each Dedicated Server is enabled with a 1Gbps port by default. You can also request pricing to upgrade bare metal servers to 10Gbps ports. Additionally, private data ports and separate VLANs are available upon request.

VelociHOST network is fully redundant with diverse fiber links to provide the best latency to every destination in the world. Please contact us if you need additional data ports.

Our Dedicated Servers can be deployed from our Data Center located in Miam, FL USA. Our strategic location guarantees the lowest latency balance to Western Europe, Canada, Latin America, and The United States of America.

Yes, all our Bare Metal Servers can be customized with plenty of available options, such as CPU, RAM, SSD or HDD Storage space. Bandwidth can also be tailored to suit your needs. Need a quote? Get in touch.

We manage and monitor the hardware, power & network infrastructure. Servers are self-managed by customers. We do not provide server administration.

Services for Bare Metal Dedicated Servers on our reseller program can be paid with PayPal verified accounts, Credit / Debit Cards. We also offer ACH/bank wire transfers per client’s request.

Contact our sales team if you need a special payment arrangement.

Unfortunately, no, we do not offer trial servers. Therefore, we do not offer refunds for deployed services. Please contact our sales team if you have questions before ordering.

Yes, you can always upgrade your current payment cycle to a quarterly or yearly prepaid billing term if you want to take advantage of bigger discounts that usually comes with longer-term commitments.

Get started now.