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Why VelociHOST

World Class Hosting Services

VelociHOST was founded in 2013 and has become a leading cloud hosting solutions provider based in Miami, FL USA. Our wide range of compute and cloud hosting solutions are reflected on our vast selection of Bare Metal Dedicated Servers, Virtual Private Server Hosting and GPU Bare Metal Servers with the best latency to Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean and U.S. East Coast.

Our world-class Data Center located in Miami, FL USA is strategically positioned to deliver low-latency, cost-effective, highly reliable cloud hosting solutions that are backed by excellent bilingual (English / Spanish) customer service & technical support. We achieve this through resilient high-performance computing and network infrastructure.


Our Hosting Solutions provide maximum flexibility to deploy your servers. Host your applications on a VPS server or on a custom Bare Metal Dedicated Server.

miami vps server with 100% ssd drives

Powered by Premier Data Centers, diverse TIER-1 and route-optimized network, dual power supplies, and extensive peering ecosystem for every server.

fast miami bare metal server deployment

15 Minute Average Ticket Response Time. Help is only minutes away. You can contact us via email, live chat or send us a ticket via the Client Portal.


Our Windows and Linux servers gives you full control over the customization of your server’s hardware and software via administrator and root access.

For small businesses, developers, and freelancers

In recognition of the need for affordable and high-performing cloud computing infrastructure as a service, particularly among small businesses, developers, and freelancers, we have established our mission to cater to this underserved population. Most providers in the industry offer pricing and feature sets that are geared towards large corporations and do not consider the needs of smaller entities.

VelociHOST’s objective is to provide these individuals and businesses with access to top-quality cloud computing infrastructure that is both affordable and high-performance. We believe that small businesses, developers, and IT freelancers deserve a clean, transparent, and simple pricing structure that enables them to compete effectively in a crowded industry.

To achieve this, VelociHOST invest in purchasing enterprise-grade servers, networking and GPU equipment that leverage the latest technologies, and then make these resources available to our customers at prices that they can afford. Our aim is to ensure that small business customers can access the web resources they need, which would otherwise be unavailable due to the exorbitant prices charged by other providers.

At VelociHOST, we recognize that there is an underserved population of small businesses, developers, and entrepreneurs who require affordable cloud computing services to launch their web-based projects. We are committed to providing this population with the resources they need to succeed, without the burden of standard industry pricing and commitment schemes. With VelociHOST, small businesses can finally have an affordable option that enables them to compete and thrive in the competitive digital landscape.

Plan and budget more effectively. VelociHOST’s cloud infrastructure is tailored to meet the unique needs of developers, freelancers, startups, and small businesses.

Unprecedented Fast Connectivity.

With our strategically positioned Miami Data Center we provide a rich customers ecosystem with direct connectivity to a variety of network and cloud service providers, content delivery networks (CDNs) and enterprises around the world.

VelociHOST offers direct connectivity to leading network service providers like Telia Carrier, Cogent, GTT, Hurricane Electric and 190+ direct peering connections through leading Internet Exchange Points such as the FL-IX. We provide access and reduced latency to key markets in Europe, U.S. Eastern Seaboard, Central and South America.

We are a Reliable Hosting Provider you can trust

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Our Advantage

Our focus is to deliver enterprise-grade cloud hosting infrastructure at an unrivaled price, adding value through true customer service and remain flexible to meet your business’ needs. VelociHOST is focused on meeting the needs of small businesses, developers, freelancers, and underserved startups that rely on trustworthy cloud computing services to achieve their success.

We offer a robust 99.9% uptime SLA with reliable, enterprise-grade compute and network infrastructure deployed in a Category 5 hurricane resistant 38,000 sq. ft. Miami Data Center. VelociHOST delivers a wide range of cloud hosting solutions for small and medium sized businesses, delivering Bare Metal Dedicated Servers, VPS Hosting and GPU Servers for High Performance Computing, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, and many other IT systems applications.

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