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Bare Metal Dedicated Servers

Improve data security, computing performance and compliance requirements with single-tenant Bare Metal Dedicated Servers from VelociHOST.

Bare Metal
Dedicated Servers

Best performance, privacy and reliability

Increased performance with no virtualization layer

Gain complete control over your computing environment with direct access to high-efficiency, single-tenant bare metal servers. Each server is tailored to support your application’s requirements, rather than making your application adapt. Ensure regulatory compliance and maintain top-notch security with genuinely isolated and dedicated resources from the whole physical host.

Why use bare metal servers from VelociHOST?

fast miami bare metal server deployment


Remove computing constraints of virtualized environments by leveraging the full capacity and direct access to physical servers in the cloud. Maximum performance of your applications is achieved by utilizing 100% of bare metal computing power with no hypervisor overhead.

miami vps servers with great flexibility


Our bare metal computing servers can scale up to meet the growing demand of your applications. We at VelociHOST will perform the necessary upgrades to your servers, providing a flexible, scalable, and high-performance hosting platform that accommodates projects of any size.

miami vps server with 100% ssd drives

Highly Available

Leverage a secure, highly available, and fault-tolerant bare metal server. Operational efficiency is achieved with diverse optical fiber networks, premium data centers, redundant power supplies, enterprise-grade hardware, and continuous monitoring of critical component’s health.

miami vps servers with great support

Effective Support

No need to wait for ticket escalation paths or expensive support plans. We offer the most cost-efficient, self-managed, dedicated server solutions in the cloud. Our bare metal servers are backed by unbeatable support from the most dedicated, knowledgeable, and multilingual team in the cloud.

Quick Deploy Dedicated Bare Metal Servers

Pre-built, ready to deploy within 4 hours. Select the Operating System, Data Transfer and add-ons.

CPU Intel XeonRAMStorageTrafficDeployData CenterPrice/
E3-1270 v5 3.60GHz 4C/8T16 GB500 GB SSD20 TB / 1 Gbps4 HoursMiami$85Configure
E3-1240 v5 3.50GHz 4C/8T32 GB1 x 500 GB SSD +
1 x 4 TB HDD
20 TB / 1 Gbps4 HoursMiami$89Configure
E3-1270 v6 3.80GHz 4C/8T32 GB500 GB SSD20 TB / 1 Gbps4 HoursMiami$89Configure
E3-1245 v6 3.70GHz 4C/8T
32 GB1 TB SSD20 TB / 1 Gbps4 HoursMiami$119Configure
E3-1270 v6 3.80GHz 4C/8T32 GB1 TB SSD20 TB / 1 Gbps24 HoursMiami$129Configure
E-2144G 3.60GHz 4C/8T
16 GB500 GB NVMe20 TB / 1 Gbps4 HoursMiami$119Configure
E-2144G 3.60GHz 4C/8T
32 GB1 TB NVMe20 TB / 1 Gbps4 HoursMiami$135Configure
E-2136 3.30GHz 6C/12T
32 GB1 TB NVMe20 TB / 1 Gbps4 HoursMiami$135Configure
E-2146G 3.50GHz 6C/12T
32 GB1 TB NVMe20 TB / 1 Gbps24 HoursMiami$149Configure
E-2174G 3.80GHz 4C/8T
32 GB960 GB NVMe30 TB / 10 Gbps4 HoursMiami$159Configure
E-2174G 3.80GHz 4C/8T
64 GB960 GB NVMe30 TB / 10 Gbps4 HoursMiami$179Configure
E3-1241 v3 3.50GHz 4C/8T16 GB1 x 250 GB SSD +
1 x 2 TB HDD
10 TB / 1 Gbps4 HoursMiami$75Configure
E3-1241 v3 3.50GHz 4C/8T32 GB500 GB SSD10 TB / 1 Gbps4 HoursMiami$75Configure
2 x E5-2620 v3 2.40GHz 12C/24T32GB2 TB HDD20 TB / 1 Gbps48 HoursMiami$149Configure
2 x E5-2620 v3 2.40GHz 12C/24T32GB500 GB SSD20 TB / 1 Gbps48 HoursMiami$149Configure
1 x E5-2609 v4 1.70GHz 8C/8T32 GB500 GB SDD
20 TB / 1 Gbps24 HoursMiami$189Configure
1 x E5-2650 v4 2.20GHz 12C/24T32 GB500 GB SDD 30 TB / 1 Gbps48 HoursMiami$189Configure
1 x E5-2680 v4 2.40GHz 14C/28T64 GB1 TB SDD 30 TB / 1 Gbps4 HoursMiami$239Configure
1 x E5-2683 v4 2.10GHz 16C/32T64 GB1 TB SDD 30 TB / 1 Gbps4 HoursMiami$249Configure
2 x E5-2650 v4 2.20GHz 24C/48T64 GB3.84 TB SDD 30 TB / 1 Gbps48 HoursMiami$289Configure
2 x E5-2676 v3 2.40GHz 24C/48T64 GB2 TB SSD20 TB / 1 Gbps48 HoursMiami$249Configure
2 x E5-2676 v3 2.40GHz 24C/48T64 GB2 TB SSD20 TB / 1 Gbps48 HoursMiami$249Configure
Silver 4110 2.10GHz 8C/16T
64 GB1 TB SSD30 TB / 1 Gbps4 HoursMiami$259Configure
Silver 4114 2.20GHz 10C/20T
64 GB1 TB SSD30 TB / 1 Gbps4 HoursMiami$279Configure
2 x Silver 4109T 2.00GHz 16C/32T
128 GB2 TB SSD30 TB / 1 Gbps4 HoursMiami$349Configure
2 x E5-2683 v4 2.10GHz 32C/64T
64 GB1 TB SSD30 TB / 1 Gbps4 HoursMiami$299Configure
2 x Silver 4110 2.10GHz 16C/32T
128 GB1 TB SSD30 TB / 1 Gbps5 DaysMiami$349Configure
2 x E5-2680 v4 2.40GHz 28C/56T128 GB4 x 1 TB SDD
30 TB / 1 Gbps24 HoursMiami$379Configure
1 x Gold 6138 2.00GHz 20C/40T
64 GB2 TB SSD30 TB / 1 Gbps24 HoursMiami$395Configure
2 x Gold 6138 2.00GHz 40C/80T
128 GB3.84 TB SDD30 TB / 1 Gbps5 DaysMiami$495Configure
2 x Gold 6138 2.00GHz 40C/80T
128 GB4 x 1 TB SDD50 TB / 1 Gbps5 DaysMiami$529Configure
1 x Gold 6138 2.00GHz 20C/40T
256 GB RAM
256 GB2 TB SSD50 TB / 1 Gbps4 HoursMiami$539Configure


Custom Configuration Dedicated Bare Metal Servers

Customize all the hardware components, software and data transfer of your bare metal server.

CPU Intel XeonRAMStorageTrafficDeployPrice/
E3-1241 v3 3.50GHz 4C/8T8 GB250GB SSD20 TB1 - 5 Days$69Configure
E3-1240 v6 3.70GHz 4C/8T8 GB250GB SSD20 TB1 - 5 Days$79Configure
E-2136 3.30GHz 6C/12T
Cofee Lake
16 GB250GB NVMe20 TB1 - 5 Days$119Configure
2 x E5-2676 v3 2.40GHz 24C/48T64 GB250GB SSD20 TB1 - 5 Days$189Configure
1x Silver 4109T 2.00GHz 8C/16T
16 GB250GB SSD20 TB1 - 5 Days$249Configure


Do you need a different Bare Metal Server configuration?

Talk with a customer service specialist now for a customized configuration

Our dedicated bare metal servers included features:

Our Bare Metal Dedicated Server Hosting includes a comprehensive set of features and services at no additional cost, optimizing the total cost of your web application operations. Also, our Dedicated Servers are deployed from our strategically positioned Miami, FL USA Data Center, adding the benefit of extraordinary connectivity to Latin America, Western Europe, Canada, and Eastern United States.

Find out more about dedicated servers from VelociHOST

Customer Service and Support

By renting your servers from VelociHOST, you benefit from technical support via website live chat, e-mail, and support tickets 24/7. You can also contact our specialists, who are ready to help you. In addition, our sales and technical support staff is fully bilingual in English and Spanish to assist you during the installation and administration of servers.

Customization and flexibility

With our dedicated servers you have complete control over customizations to your needs. We offer more precise control and configuration options, which allows you to adapt the components to meet your specific needs. A dedicated server by VelociHOST has a superior level of security out of the box. You do not need to worry about things like a DDoS attacks trying to bring down your site because another site or client is located on the same machine.

Operating System Distributions

Many distributions are offered for automatic installation via the VelociHOST Control Panel. This includes numerous operating systems (CentOS, Debian, Windows Server, Debian, or Ubuntu), Plesk and cPanel Web management interfaces, and Microsoft SQL Server for databases. Virtualization solutions, like VMware and Windows Hyper-V, are also available.

Bandwidth and unlimited internal traffic

Each VelociHOST dedicated server has a minimum public bandwidth of 1000 Mbit/s, with capacity available to absorb random peak traffic. Internal traffic between other VelociHOST servers and solutions is unlimited and free. Incoming and outgoing traffic is given with generous transfer capacity. You also have the option of increasing your bandwidth capacity, if necessary.

World Class Data Center

Our 38,000 Sq. Ft. Premier Data Center is located in a strategic geographic facility in Miami, FL USA.  This Category-5 hurricane resistant data center allows our Bare Metal Server Hosting solutions to provide the best connectivity to Latin America, The Caribbean, United States, and Western Europe. Every server is connected to our blend of Tier-1 Internet Transit Providers and have direct access to the FL-IX Internet Exchange Point with direct peering to AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. 

High core-count Bare Metal Servers

Compute optimized Dedicated Server Hosting is the best solution for compute-intensive applications that leverage high-core-count processors. Compute-optimized servers enables you to get consistent high performance and are well suited for the following applications:

Bare Metal DP-37

$ 299 Monthly
  • Dual Intel Xeon Processor E5-2683 v3
  • 28 Cores / 56 Threads 2.00 GHz
  • 64 GB ECC DDR4 RAM
  • 2 x 500GB SSD Drives
  • LSI SAS 3108 Hardware Controller
  • IPv4 + IPv6 Connectivity
  • 15 TB Transfer
  • 1 Gbps port

Bare Metal DP-38

$ 399 Monthly
  • Dual Intel Xeon Processor E5-2683 v3
  • 28 Cores / 56 Threads 2.00 GHz
  • 128 GB ECC DDR4 RAM
  • 6 x 500GB SSD Drives
  • LSI SAS 3108 Hardware Controller
  • IPv4 + IPv6 Connectivity
  • 15 TB Transfer
  • 1 Gbps Port

Predictable and transparent pricing for every server

With fixed, affordable, and monthly pricing, you never have to worry about unexpected variations in your recurring bill. Pay for a stated amount of dedicated server resources and expect a consistent and transparent invoice every time.

Dedicated Server FAQs

A bare metal server, also called a dedicated server, or computing server, is a server where all the physical resources of the machine are available to a single individual, organization, or application. Unlike a virtual server, that uses a portion of the resources to run its virtualization technology, a dedicated server allows you to benefit from all the available RAM, storage, network, and computing power of the server.
There are many uses for a dedicated server such as: infrastructure virtualization, website and application hosting, big data, business applications (CRM, ERP), backups and storage, machine learning, and server clusters, among many other use cases. Therefore, we offer numerous dedicated server types, each of which designed for a specific set of needs. Our sales teams will work with you and offer the best guidance on which server to choose.

The configurations used for our dedicated hosting solution are designed to suit the needs of small and medium-sized businesses with professional needs. It is important to know that a dedicated server has a superior level of security out of the box. In addition, a dedicated server can be configured to have more raw computing power than a VPS can provide.

Depending on your usage, you may well need a configuration with bigger storage space, more RAM, or a higher processing capacity. Additionally, you benefit with VelociHOST dedicated server configurations with the rapid delivery time with same day deployment and custom configuration options.

Moreover, with a dedicated server you can also count on zero infrastructure costs as we maintain and replace aging server parts, complete control over system configurations, installation of custom operating systems, contract-free hosting, SSD storage, and one-tenant occupancy. Choose the dedicated server that fits your needs.

A dedicated server is significantly superior in many aspects. However, there are two main attributes that make a dedicated server considerably superior from a Virtual Private Server (VPS). Primarily, the machine’s raw performance is substantially improved on the dedicated server: there is no virtualization layer exhausting resources on a dedicated server, as a result you are guaranteed full use of the physical resources.

On the contrary, a VPS server is an emulation of a computer that resides within a parent server called hypervisor and shares resources with other virtual servers on the same physical host.

The second advantage affects the level of server administration. With a dedicated server, you manage everything from the operating system installation, if you choose to do a custom install, its configuration and the data hosted on the machine, this provide greater security, extra customization options, and higher availability and uptime. It will therefore give you the option of a more advanced installation, which is essential for the use of many business applications and developer frameworks. The main benefit of a dedicated solution is the total freedom you enjoy as a user.

Nevertheless, if you would like to develop a small project with small compute processing requirements, our VelociHOST VPS instances are the best solution for you. In Addition, if you just need to build a simple website consider our shared web hosting plans, which offer you a hosting option with easier tools to build and publish your website with ease.

Dedicated Servers are deployed within 2 to 4 hours after cleared payment. This also applies on weekends and holidays. Customized orders may take up to 48 hours.
Due to worldwide insufficiency of IPv4 resources, additional IPv4 address requests are reviewed on a per-client basis. You can request additional IP resources in a support ticket.
Yes, it can. All active Dedicated Servers can be upgraded with a different processor, more RAM memory, greater storage space and bandwidth. Keep in mind, servers would have to be momentarily shut down while the upgrade process takes place. Contact us for a quote.
Each Dedicated Server is enabled with a 1Gbps port. Our network is redundant with diverse fiber links for the best latency to every destination in the world. You can contact us if you need additional ports.
Our Dedicated Servers can be deployed from our Data Center located in Miami, FL USA. Our strategic location guarantees the lowest latency to Latin America, The Caribbean, Western Europe, and Eastern United States.
Yes, all our Dedicated Servers can be customized with plenty of options, such as CPU, RAM, SSD or HDD Storage space, as well as bandwidth. Need a quote? Get in touch.
We manage the hardware and network infrastructure. Servers are self-managed by customers. We do not provide server administration.
Our Dedicated Servers can be paid with PayPal verified accounts, and Credit / Debit Cards. We also offer ACH/bank wire transfers per client’s request. If you need to arrange for a special payment plan, contact our sales team.
Unfortunately, no, we do not offer trial servers. Therefore, we do not offer refunds for deployed services. Please contact our sales team if you have questions before ordering.
Yes, you can always upgrade to a quarterly or yearly billing cycle if you want to take advantage of bigger discounts that usually comes with longer-term commitments.

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