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Environmental and Socially Responsible Cloud

Reducing our Environmental Impact

VelociHOST has made a clear commitment to corporate responsibility via our key Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives. Our datacenters must align to these efforts and be part of a broader collective effort to reduce fossil fuel consumption and adopting energy procurement from clean and renewable and sources. Electricity from clean energy sources is an immediate necessity and we should act upon to limit global temperature increase.

Exclusive utilization of high efficiency power supply units that optimize Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE)

Premier TIER-1 data centers with clear commitments to clean energy procurement.

Extensive lifecycle and inventory management reducing environmental footprint from inception through to end of life.

Successful commitment to sustainable digital citizenship has been codified in our corporate strategy.

Sustainable Data Centers

Our data center partners have been ranked #1 by GRESB in sustainability among data centers globally for the two consecutive years. We have made strong progress in establishing VelociHOST as an effective leader in the industry with our innovative sustainability initiatives.

VelociHOST offers direct connectivity to leading network service providers like Telia Carrier, Cogent, GTT, Hurricane Electric and 190+ direct peering connections through leading Internet Exchange Points such as the FL-IX. We provide access and reduced latency to key markets in Europe, U.S. Eastern Seaboard, Central and South America.

Our Path to a Green, Sustainable Cloud Adoption

Climate change is causing threatening disorder in nature and is affecting billions of people, highlighting the urgency to act. At VelociHOST we have sealed our commitment to abide to our strongest core values in our path to developing a sustainable Infrastructure as a Service Provider (IaaS) model that embraces the increased adoption of electricity from clean energy sources from partners, vendors, data center providers and hardware infrastructure utilized in our cloud environments.

Our Data Center partners provision of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) statements, as well as the production of the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark Reports (GRESB) validates and grades ESG performance data.

Adopt a Greener Cloud Infrastructure. Get started now.