VPS Server Hosting

Instant Deployment and Easy Customization

Instant Deployment and Flexible Scalability.

Full root access and easy customization

VPS Servers allow complete root access and delivers a performance balance between shared hosting and Dedicated Servers. Also, virtual machines have the advantage to be instantly launched or re-installed and provide a high degree of customization.

Our Miami and New York Data Centers enables our VPS Servers to be deployed from strategic geographic locations that allows the best connectivity to Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean and U.S. East coast.

fast miami vps server deployment

Our VPS Hosting Servers are instantly launched. There is no waiting time to get your web applications online and start producing immediate results.

miami vps server with 100% ssd drives

Deployed with 100% SSD storage, 2.60+ GHz of CPU cores, and 1 Gbps of network ports as standard, you will find peak performance driving your applications.

miami vps servers with great support

With years in hosting & data center experience, you're in safe hands. VelociHOST is here for you around the clock, dedicated to serving you with prompt ticket resolution.

miami vps servers with great flexibility

Our Client Area gives you full control over your server's resources. You can upgrade hardware specifications or change your order at any time.

We are a Reliable VPS Hosting Provider you can trust

Backed by our amazing 24x7 customer service and technical support

Network Peers
Countries Served

Miami VPS Hosting Plans

Instantly deploy a VPS Server in our Miami Data Center

PlanMemoryvCPUsSSD StorageTrafficPriceOrder
VM-1-STD-MIA1 GB1 vCPU25 GB1 TB$5Create
VM-2-STD-MIA2 GB1 vCPU50 GB2 TB$10Create
VM-3-STD-MIA3 GB1 vCPU60 GB3 TB$15Create
VM-4-STD-MIA2 GB2 vCPU60 GB3 TB$15Create
VM-5-STD-MIA1 GB3 vCPU60 GB3 TB$15Create
VM-6-STD-MIA4 GB2 vCPU80 GB4 TB$20Create
VM-7-STD-MIA8 GB4 vCPU160 GB5 TB$40Create
VM-8-STD-MIA16 GB6 vCPU320 GB6 TB$80Create
VM-9-STD-MIA32 GB8 vCPU640 GB7 TB$160Create


New York VPS Hosting Plans

Instantly deploy a VPS Server in our New York Data Center

PlanMemoryvCPUsSSD StorageTrafficPriceOrder
VM-1-STD-NYC1 GB1 vCPU25 GB1 TB$5Create
VM-2-STD-NYC2 GB1 vCPU50 GB2 TB$10Create
VM-3-STD-NYC3 GB1 vCPU60 GB3 TB$15Create
VM-4-STD-NYC2 GB2 vCPU60 GB3 TB$15Create
VM-5-STD-NYC1 GB3 vCPU60 GB3 TB$15Create
VM-6-STD-NYC4 GB2 vCPU80 GB4 TB$20Create
VM-7-STD-NYC8 GB4 vCPU160 GB5 TB$40Create
VM-8-STD-NYC16 GB6 vCPU320 GB6 TB$80Create
VM-9-STD-NYC32 GB8 vCPU640 GB7 TB$160Create


Need a customized configuration?

We can allocate the compute resources for your VPS server to meet your specific needs for CPU, RAM, SSD Disk Space and Data Transfer. Contact us to get a quote and get your custom configuration deployed in minutes after payment.

dedicated servers racks illustration

World Class Data Centers

Our premier Data Centers are located in strategic geographic facilities in Miami and New York City which allows our Cloud Hosting solutions to provide the best connectivity to U.S. East Coast, Latin America and Europe. Every server is connected to our blend of Tier-1 Internet Providers and have direct access to the FL-IX and NYIIX Internet Exchange Points. 

VPS Hosting Features and Services

Every VPS Server includes a comprehensive set of features and services at no additional cost, optimizing your total cost of operations.

Predictable, pay-as-you-go pricing

With fixed and affordable pricing you never have to worry about your monthly bill. Pay for what you use, and scale your VPS Server up on demand.

VPS Servers are instantly deployed after received payment.

Due to worldwide insufficiency of IPv4 resources, additional IPv4 address requests are reviewed on a per-client basis. You can request additional IP resources in a support ticket. Additionally, IPv6 addresses are available for free.

VPS Servers can be upgraded at any time. Changes are applied instantly after cleared payment of your order.

Each Virtual Server machine is enabled with a 1Gbps port. We provide a fully redundant network and rich peering ecosystem with diverse fiber links for the best latency to every destination in the world.

Our VPS Servers can be deployed from our Data Centers located in Miami and New York City in the USA. Our strategic locations guarantee the lowest latency to Europe, Canada, Latin America and Eastern U.S.

All our VPS Servers can be customized with plenty of options, such as CPU Processor Cores, RAM, SSD Storage space and bandwidth. Contact us for a custom quote.

Virtual Server Hosting comes with management for the hardware and network. Servers are self-managed by customers. We do not provide server administration.

Our VPS Servers can be paid with PayPal verified accounts, Credit / Debit Cards and Bitcoin/Altcoins. We also offer bank wire transfers per client’s request. If you need to arrange for special payment, contact our sales team.

Unfortunately, no, we do not offer trial servers. Therefore, we do not offer refunds for deployed services. Please contact our sales team if you have questions before ordering.

Yes, you can always upgrade to a quarterly or yearly billing cycle if you want to take advantage of bigger discounts that usually comes with longer-term commitments.

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