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New York and Miami Data Centers available!

Single-Tenant Dedicated Servers

Our dedicated servers deployed from our Miami and New York Data Centers offers the best latency to Europe, Latin America and Eastern U.S. We provide you with a fully redundant infrastructure for power, cooling, and network to ensure your cloud applications are online 100% of the time. We host your web applications with enterprise grade infrastructure only.
Fast Delivery

Our Dedicated Server Hosting service deploys your server within 2-4 hours. We work around the clock to deliver your server in no time.


We fully customize your bare metal server with a vast choice of CPUs, RAM, SSD, HDD, network uplinks, firewall, load balancing, and much more.


Our Dedicated Servers provide 100% of its system’s resources to your application. No power to share or reduce by virtualization overhead.

Quick Deploy Dedicated Servers

Pre-built, ready to deploy within 4 hours. Configure Operating System, Control Panel, Bandwidth and add-ons.

Custom Dedicated Servers

Customize all the hardware components, software and bandwidth of your server. Deploy could be up to 48 hours. 

Features and Benefits

Our Dedicated Server Hosting service includes a comprehensive set of features and services at no additional cost, optimizing the total cost of your web application operations. Also, our Dedicated Servers in Miami and New York data centers have the benefit of extraordinary connectivity to Europe, Canada, Eastern U.S., South and Central America.

  • 99.9% Uptime SLA

  • 15 Minute Avg. Response Time

  • English and Spanish Support

  • Private VLAN for Public & Private Network

  • Remote Reboot & Console Access

  • Optimized Routing

  • IPv4 + IPv6 Enabled

  • Miami and New York Data Centers

  • 1 GigE Internet Port

  • Network Level Threat Detection

  • Free Private Traffic Between Multiple Servers

  • Enterprise-focused Acceptable Use Policy

  • Text Hover

Compute Optimized Dedicated Servers

High core-count servers

Compute optimized Dedicated Server Hosting is the best solution for compute-intensive applications that leverage high-core-count processors. Compute-optimized servers enables you to get consistent high performance and are well suited for the following applications:

  • Accelerate code builds, data builds and development tasks

  • Batch processing workloads

  • Media transcoding

  • High-traffic web servers

  • Ad serving engines

  • High performance computing (HPC)

$ 399
Dedicated 7

Dual Intel Xeon Processor E5-2683 v3 28 Cores / 56 Threads 2.00 GHz 64 GB ECC DDR4 RAM 2 x 500GB SSD Drives LSI SAS 2308 Hardware Controller IPv4 + IPv6 Connectivity 15 TB Transfer 1 Gbps port

$ 479
Dedicated 8

Dual Intel Xeon Processor E5-2683 v3 28 Cores / 56 Threads 2.00 GHz 128 GB ECC DDR4 RAM 6 x 500GB SSD Drives LSI SAS 2308 Hardware Controller IPv4 + IPv6 Connectivity 15 TB Transfer 1 Gbps port

Multi-Server Clusters

wdt_ID Cluster Size CPU Intel Xeon RAM Storage Traffic Deploy Price Order
1 4-nodes 8 x E5-2620v2 48C/96T 256 8x500 SSD 15 TB 7-days 569
2 8-nodes 16 x E5-2620v2 96C/192T 512 16x500 SSD 15 TB 7-days 1,138
3 12-nodes 24 x E5-2620v2 144C/288T 768 24x500 SSD 15 TB 7-days 1,708
4 16-nodes 32 x E5-2620v2 192C/384T 1,024 32x500 SSD 15 TB 7-days 2,277

Each Server in the cluster is configured with Dual Intel Xeon E5-2620 v2 6 Cores / 12 Threads 2.10 GHz CPUs, 64 GB ECC RAM, 2 x 500 GB SSD DrivesIPv4 + IPv6 Connectivity, 15 TB Transfer, and 1 Gbps Port.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can my server be setup?

Dedicated Servers are deployed within 2 – 4 hours after cleared payment. This also applies on weekends and holidays. Customized orders may take up to 48 hours.

Can I get additional IPv4 addresses?

Due to worldwide insufficiency of IPv4 resources, additional IPv4 address requests are reviewed on a per-client basis. You can request additional IP resources in a support ticket.

Can an active Dedicated Server be upgraded?

Yes, it can. All active Dedicated Servers can be upgraded with a different processor, more RAM memory, bigger storage space and bandwidth. Keep in mind, servers would have to be shut down momentarily while the upgrade process takes place. Contact us for a quote.

What port speed will my server have?

Each Dedicated Server is enabled with a 1Gbps port. Our network is redundant with diverse fiber links for the best latency to every destination in the world. You can contact us if you need additional ports.

Where is your Datacenter located?

Our Dedicated Servers can be deployed from our Data Centers located in Miami and New York City in the USA. Our strategic locations guarantee the lowest latency to Europe, Canada, Latin America and Eastern U.S.

Can my Dedicated Server be customized?

Yes, all our Dedicated Servers can be customized with plenty of options, such as CPU, RAM, SSD or HDD Storage space, as well as bandwidth. Need a quote? Get in touch.

Are Dedicated Servers managed?

We manage the hardware & network. If you need system administration, there is an additional $59/month fee for proactive management of Dedicated Server Hosting.

What payment forms do we accept?

Dedicated Servers can be paid with PayPal verified accounts, Credit / Debit Cards and Bitcoin/Altcoins. We also offer bank wire transfers per client’s request. If you need to arrange for special payment, contact our sales team.


Do you offer trial servers and refunds?

Unfortunately, no, we do not offer trial servers. Therefore, we do not offer refunds for deployed services. Please contact our sales team if you have questions before ordering.


Can I upgrade my billing cycle?

Yes, you can always upgrade to a quarterly or yearly billing cycle if you want to take advantage of bigger discounts that usually comes with longer-term commitments.