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Privacy Policy

VelociHOST has created this Privacy Policy to explain our commitment to privacy on the handling of our customer’s records, personal and financial information within ourselves and with other third parties. Here we explain the different types of data we collect for the management of your account and how we use it.

In all cases, this Privacy Policy is a Binding Agreement between you and VelociHOST. It applies to every customer, visitor or general user of our website and services. Your use of VelociHOST website is voluntary. If you do not agree with any of the terms provided herein, you should not provide any personal information to us.

The privacy of our customers is important to us, our business model and customer development, therefore we:

  1. Do not sell or rent personally identifiable information.
  2. Do not spam, or make use of spam services.

Data Collection
We maintain strict management of the personal information provided by the customer including:

  1. Visitor tracking: VelociHOST tracks the number of visitors to our website and its related webpages. This does not involve collection of any personal identifiable information.
  2. Inquiry forms: Customers and visitors can provide information through the use of our support and contact forms on the site. This information is used to contact the user or potential customer in relation to their inquiries.
  3. Cookies: A cookie is a small amount of data (a small file) sent to your computer by a website. In general, when you visit the VelociHOST website, cookies will be placed on your device that help VelociHOST to provide you with a good browsing experience and allow VelociHOST to improve its website
  4. VelociHOST system uses cookies to maintain visitor’s carts and product selection on future visits to the website and help ease the customer buying experience. Here, we will only collect those products that have been added to the shopping cart. For more information on the use of cookies on our website, refer to our Cookie Policy.
  5. Customer Account Information: When customer sign up for service we collect some of the following information: company name, individual name, telephone number, physical address, choice of service package. We do not collect or see, in any form, credit card or any other financial information processed through the Paypal gateway.
  6. IP Address: As a security measure, VelociHOST register the originating IP address of the connection used in the login forms on our website.

Data Protection

VelociHOST employ all technical best practices to make sure customer’s information stored on our databases cannot be accessed from outside of VelociHOST own infrastructure. As stated above, we do not receive, see or collect financial information processed by Paypal’s payment gateway.

We do not share personally identifiable information collected on any form, under any circumstances, except when requested by law enforcement agencies or required by law.

VelociHOST is a passive user of hosted data as we do not have access to it nor will ever distribute any information hosted on customer’s servers or products purchased from us. In any case, we could have access to customer’s data with the special request of the customer itself for backup and restoration or any other client support services.
Any transfer of your data to us occurs over SSL connection so that all information is securely encrypted during such transfer.

Misuse Report
Anyone related to VelociHOST services can contact us about any suspected misuse of their personally identifiable information. Those reports should be made to [email protected].

Third Party Handlers
This privacy policy is not applicable to third party handlers of information stored on our infrastructure such as, client’s use of their own information and server’s settings. VelociHOST is not responsible of use or misuse of data by the customer or operator of customer’s assets purchased to VelociHOST.


Last updated: January 24, 2020. 

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