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VelociHOST adds AlmaLinux to Bare Metal Servers and VPS instances.

VelociHOST is proud to announce the general availability of AlmaLinux 8 to be included with Bare Metal Servers, GPU Dedicated Servers, and VPS servers. Started as a replacement for the recent abandoned CentOS 8 and as a one-to-one binary compatible fork of RHEL 8, AlmaLinux OS stable version was released on Tuesday, 30th of March 2021. Behind the development of this release is the team at CloudLinux, the AlmaLinux OS stable release is now available on all Dedicated Servers and VPS deployments as well with automated installations tools and available ISOs.

We at VelociHOST are committed to supporting the open-source community and to provide our customers with a wide variety of operating systems that adapt to their applications and hosting needs. AlmaLinux 8 represents a natural drop-in replacement for CentOS, which was terminated in December 2020. AlmaLinux includes a 1:1 binary fork of RHEL 8 (Red Hat Enterprise Linux).

AlmaLinux provides users a supported, stable, production ready and free, enterprise-grade operating system alternative to distributions such as Red Hat and Fedora. Always free, and always open source.

Migrating CentOS to AlmaLinux

Converting CentOS 8 to AlmaLinux is extremely simple and can be accomplished in a few minutes. Easy migration scrips are available to transition from CentOS. Additionally, instructions are widely available to swap repositories and keys for a smooth migration to AlmaLinux.

Installing AlmaLinux on VelociHOST Bare Metal Servers is completely automatic and can be installed on fresh deployments or it can also be reinstalled on active dedicated servers from the automated installation tool within the client portal at .

VelociHOST VPS servers have also been enabled to be launched with AlmaLinux from the start and can be reinstalled on currently active VPS instances.

If you need more information about our cloud hosting solutions and bare metals servers, do not hesitate to contact our team at [email protected] 

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Install AlmaLinux on a Bare Metal Server