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FAQ about Orders and Deployment Times due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

Miami and New York issued shelter in place orders and imposed curfew. VelociHOST operations continue but our deployment times for Dedicated Servers (Bare Metal) may take longer than usual. Contact customer support for further information.

1. Can I place an order for VPS and Quick-Deploy Dedicated Servers? Will VelociHOST deploy the server?

Yes, Virtual Private Servers (VPS) will be instantly provisioned at any time after cleared payment. Quick-deploy Dedicated Servers will be delivered the same day if payment is cleared before 12:00 PM ET. Conversely, Quick-Deploy Dedicated Server orders placed after 12:00 PM ET will be scheduled for deployment by the end of the next business day.

2. Are custom-built Dedicated Servers being deployed?

Yes, we are taking orders for custom-built dedicated servers (Bare Metal). Delivery may be delayed due to constrained mobility within Miami and New York cities. You should contact customer support for an estimated deployment time frame before placing your order.

3. Are emergency events being addressed?

Yes, in the event of an emergency with our infrastructure, we will be able to address the event on a timely manner. However, we will have to act accordingly due to shelter in place and curfew orders in effect. Additionally, access to our Miami and New York Data Centers will only be granted for business-critical needs.

4. How can I contact customer support for more information?

You may contact us by any of the following communication channels:

Email Sales: [email protected]

Email Support: [email protected]

Technical Support: 24/7/365 via Support Ticket and Email